Sometimes this is how I feel…


Yeah, sometimes I feel this way.  Maybe that is why I keep my mouth shut and rant through blog posts.

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An Interview with Me

There are lots of people excited about my latest project and many of them are dying to interview me.  Unfortunately I have not had much time to do many interviews, but I did make time to sit down with my husband (let’s call him The Voice of Reason) when he asked to interview me.

The Voice of Reason:  What the hell do you think you are doing?

Poppy:  Um, it looks like I am going to start a blog focused on politics.

Voice:  Seriously! What makes you think that you have anything to say that people want to read.

Poppy:  I am thinking I should be offended by that question, but I will answer it anyway.  First of all, I have a degree and it happens to be in Political Science.  Secondly, I am awesome and they will be able to tell that I am awesome once they read a post or two.  Finally, if I do this blog you will not have to listen to me drone on and on about the problem with politics anymore.

Voice:  Well, I do like that last reason.  I still think you are crazy and I don’t want you to be disappointed if no one reads it.

Poppy:  Well, if you mean that you think I am brilliant and this blog will be a new internet sensation… then I accept your compliments.  Now, go away I have to post something awesome now.

I am so blessed to have such a supportive husband, aren’t I?

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