This Guy has Balls

Have you ever seen those fake balls that people hang on their trucks… Truck Nuts.

truck testicles

truck testicles (Photo credit: whizchickenonabun)

Well, this guy did not need them.

All I can think when I look at this truck is… I wonder if this guy gets his car keyed a lot.  I would think that this truck may piss off quite a few people.  I also think that this guy has to have balls, because if I drove this around I think I would worry about being followed into a dark alleys every time I parked. Of course, I am often a paranoid wreck.

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The Gates of Hell

Hell Show

Hell Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You may think that the Gates of Hell are going to open up here in the United States if the everyone gets the right to marry, or if abortion remains legal, or if Hillary Clinton ever becomes president… Well, I am glad to report that they found the Gates to Hell and they are in Turkey.

According to The Blaze, the Gates of Hell are located in Pamukkale, Turkey.  The newly-discovered cave was known in ancient times as Pluto’s Gate (so really it is not the gates of Hell, but those heathens who worshiped the greek gods probably went to hell… so let’s call it that).

So everyone can let out a collective sigh of relief now, right?






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I am Seeing Red

If you are on Facebook, you have seen a lot of red lately.  It started with an image made by the activists at The Human Rights Campaign as a way to show support for the right to marry whether you are straight or gay in a visual and public way.  Well, the image morphed into a meme and people have been very creative with showing their support.

I thought I would share some of my favorites..

  1. Created by The Oatmeal… It combines support for marriage equality and a wonderfully tasty food!


    Image found on’s FB page

  2. Grumpy Cat!  Who does not love Grumpy Cat?

  3. If only it sparkled like other vampires you may have heard of…

  4. Yoda.  Smart you are.

  5. Why not combine all the memes into the ultimate red equal sign?


    Found on The Human Rights Campaign’s FB page.

So are you sporting a red profile picture to show support?  Personally, I am having a hard time deciding which one to use.


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Protesting 101

In light of the big Supreme Court decision that will be handed down today or tomorrow… I thought I would share one of my favorite stories from 2013.

Why do I love this story?  Well, personally I have never understood the Westboro Baptist Church.  I have figured out that they hate everyone and seemingly everything.  Furthermore, where they protest and what signs they choose to protest with always confuses me?

For instance… Their signs are all over the place!  What are they protesting?  The museum?  What do gay people and beastiality have to do with the Holocaust Museum?  They obviously need to figure out what they are protesting.

Members of Westboro Baptist Church demonstrate...

Members of Westboro Baptist Church demonstrate at the Virginia Holocaust Museum on March 2, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

God hates America!  If he hates America, why should I care what he thinks?  Do they think that I want to get to know someone who already has judged me and hates the country I live in?

Jael Phelps picketing Trinity Episcopal Church...

Jael Phelps picketing Trinity Episcopal Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

See what I mean?  What is it that they want to accomplish here.  Are they protesting the war, having a military, or having gay people in the military.  So confusing.   All I am getting is that this “God” guy hates  a lot of things and he must not be very fun to be around.

Anyway, The Gay pride house sends a message without confusing signs and derogatory comments.  It stands as a quiet reminder that life is beautiful and that love trumps the hate they are spewing.

I also love that this house was inspired by a 9-year-old.  Personally, that kid rocks!  Photo-bombing a Westboro protest.  That kid has some pretty big balls!  I bet if he designed protest signs, that kids signs would be awesome!  Actually, the Westboro Churches signs are a pretty sad lot.  I think they may need to rethink what they are putting on their signs.

As a public service I thought I would offer some advice to them about good protest signs (considering that you will probably be in the capitol protesting for the next few days).

  1. Use catchy song lyrics in a clever way.  It helps people remember your message because they will not be able to get the song out of their head.

    rick rolling the westboro baptist church

    rick rolling the westboro baptist church (Photo credit: sandwichgirl)

  2. Try to stick to one topic.  If you don’t, it just looks like you are haters with ADHD.

    Photo found on

    Photo found on

  3. Know your facts.  If you have not spoken directly to God, then you run the risk of misquoting him. I am thinking that if he could he might sue you for slander… Just saying. Why don’t you just stick to using first person language?

    Found on

    Found on

  4. Have a sense of humor.  Seriously, your signs are not very funny and I am thinking they are supposed to be.   Don’t get me wrong, I laugh at how silly your protests are… but there is also something that makes me so sad.  It makes me sad to think that you actually believe what your signs say.  So make them funnier (or at least add some cute illustrations), please!

    Found on

    Found on

  5. Finally, didn’t anyone ever tell you that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar?   Stick to signs that focus on the positives rather than negatives.  Don’t just tell me what is wrong with the world, tell me how you propose to fix it?

    Found on

    Hope you find these tips helpful?  I will be looking to see if you paid any attention.


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Bad Lip Reading: Revisiting the Debates

It has been raining here for days and it has been a little depressing.  So this morning I discovered these videos on YouTube where people dub over what people say in the NFL, I welcomed the laugh I had.   The NFL video was hilarious, but after watching that one I discovered this little gem from the Presidential debates.

Hope this brings you a smile this morning!


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Somebody has been Listening to his Daughter…

English: McCain displaying his patriotic count...

And it was this guy–>

After reading The Huffington Post article today, I thought finally there is some hope that some of the GOP leaders are actually looking at the past election and seeing that their pro-life platform may be alienating women.  I also realized that John should prepare to get some hate-mail in the near future.

So, I wanted to give him some encouragement.

Dear John,

taro the shiba, haters gonna hate

Just know that I am glad that you have realized that you should  respect a woman’s freedom to chose and am excited about being for things in the future!

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Hmm. Something does not seem quite right.

I don’t know about you but  I seem to have a lot of pissed off FB friends since the last election.  These friends like to post links to support their status updates.  Last night I clicked on one, because it sounded interesting.  Once I got to the article, I realized that something was struggling inside of me.  It was a feeling that something was not right.

Did you see what I saw? Continue reading