When I was in elementary school I was forced to learn lots of words though a vocabulary workbook.  I hated that workbook, but every once in a while I came across a word or two that was pure awesomeness!   My goal was to use those words as much as possible.  I am sure it annoyed my fellow 5th graders, but now many years later I still try to interject those word into conversations.  Here are some of my favorite words…

Brouhaha– excited public interest, discussion, or the like, as the clamorattending some sensational event

All this brouhaha during the last election has gotten me thinking… maybe I need stop bothering my friends with my political ravings and start a blog.

Poppycock– senseless chatter; nonsense

It will surely be full of poppycock, because I am not one of those people that worries about statistics, trends, or being politically correct.  It will just be filled with random observations and thoughts that I think my friends and loved ones would rather I keep to myself.

Simpleton– A person who is felt to be deficient in judgment, good sense, or intelligence; a fool.

Now don’t be a simpleton and quote me as a political expert (although I do have a degree in political science), this blog is all opinions and random thoughts.  I promise that my current job (stay-at-home mom) will keep me far too busy (being barefoot in the kitchen and doing laundry) to check facts.  Of course, if you are interested in quoting me for some comedic relief, then please let me know and give me some credit.

If you have any questions or just want to call me names… you can e-mail me at poppycockess@gmail.com.

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