Hmm. Interesting.



Not sure if this is a true quote, but an interesting thought…. Don’t you think?

I am thinking he meant that people do not have the right to do whatever they want.  Society does need regulations to ensure the safety of everyone who lives in our country.  The question is what are the right regulations to have.

I don’t own guns, and have never (and never wanted to) fire a gun, but I live in the South and so I know a lot of responsible gun owners and do appreciate the fact that many of my neighbors own guns and if something happens I can call on them to protect me if someone tries to break in to my house or intends to do harm to me or my family.

If we look at the right to bear arms debate, it makes me think about what kind of regulations are needed to keep people safe without not being so restrictive that it places firearms in the hands of criminals while restricting those who use firearms safely and responsively. Do I think there needs to be some sort of regulation?  Sure.  Honestly, I do not what regulations there should be though.

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