When you are in a hole… Keep Digging!

On meet the press, Sen. Graham encourages Romney to “Stop digging.”  Well, I am thinking he should send that message to some other members in the Republican party.  Hell, maybe that should be the new Republican Motto!

“Stop Digging! It is confirmed. You can’t dig a hole to China!”

Sen. Graham mostly talked about losing the hispanic vote, but they were not the only voters that the Republicans pissed off.  I think they did a great job pissing off a wide variety of people during this election.  They are digging holes all over the place hoping to find gold, but really they are just finding rocks.  One hole that they can’t seem to stop digging is the issue of abortion.  The other day my friend posted a link to an article  by John Nolte  (on what may be my new favorite website for finding material for this blog) about Meghan McCain.  Along with the link, she posted “Thank you!”   After reading the article, I was at a loss for what she thanked the author for.  Was she thanking him for being a chauvinist pig?  Was she thanking him for proving the “leftist” media’s claims that the republican party are backward thinking, patronizing white guys?

The article referred to Meghan McCain’s recent column on the Daily Beast where she pleads with the party to make changes.  Amazingly enough, her column listed out the same things I would list if one of the big party leaders asked me, which I doubt they would.  Apparently, she has noticed the same trends that the rest of the world noticed when it came why certain demographics are not voting republican.    If my friend had posted this article and wrote “Thank You!” I would have completely understood why she was so thankful.

The problem is that she did not link to this article.  No, she linked to this one…


Wow!  I thought you wanted more Republican voters, people.

Mr. Nolte’s article actually made me fume in a gnarly rabid dog kind of way (btw I know that statement will bring on bitch comments).  Instead of thinking about the points she is making he marginalized her by claiming that she is “pampered” and whose “closest brush with the real world is the MTV show.”  He focuses on his belief that she was all about “me, me, me”.  I hate to break it to you, Ms. Nolte, but isn’t her column about her thoughts and opinions.  What do you think a post called “Meghan McCain on…” was going to feature?

He mentions how he hates “the dumb” and then uses her  claim to be “pro-life” as his evidence.  Holy shit!  She needs to brush up on the definition of Pro-Life.  I guess since she made that one mistake that all her thoughts are not worth listening to.  Good catch, Mr. Nolte.  It must be nice to be all knowing and never make mistakes.  I sure as hell, don’t know what that would be like.

Now, he does claim she made another mistake when it came to “The Tea Party“.  I think the Tea Party has  a huge public perception problem and tea partiers have to realize that their message can be skewed by the antics of some people inside the party.  Just go onto FB.  I have friends who have a the Tea Party flag as their profile picture and who post pro-life and anti-gay marriage shit all the time.  In fact, most of my FB friends who are vocal about the movement do.  I have friends who also identify with the movement, but are not as vocal about it because of the public perception.  Honestly I agree with “The Contract from America” whole-heartedly!  I also know what I see and what I see is a movement plagued by bad press and negative public perception.  It is not Meghan’s fault they have bad press, so stop blaming her and start looking at ways to keep some of the more extreme members that have aligned themselves with the movement in check.

Furthermore, he claims that she is “dangerously ignorant” and maybe even intentionally undermining the party by saying the party should drop their stances on not only abortion, but also same-sex marriage.  I am guessing (because I did not see anything in her column that aimed to undermine the party) that he is alluding to the fact that there is a lot of money donated by organizations and party members who would rather live in the 1950’s and probably use the phrase “the kids these days.”  My generation saw “Dirty Dancing” and if that is what those organizations and people want then soon they will realize that they can’t keep baby in the corner.

Cover of "Dirty Dancing (Single-Disc Wide...

Cover via Amazon

He does concede that Republicans do realize that something has to change.  Can you guess which one of her points he chose?

Wait for it…


Hmm.  Me thinks the big push in the next election will be hispanic voters.

I wonder if anyone told them that hispanic voters are not all men.  I wonder if anyone told them that there are actually hispanic women out there that may also feel that they should have a choice on what happens to their body.   I wonder if they realize that some of the hispanic voters may also be gay and may want to  marry someone they love.  Shocking, I know.

I think someone needs to tell Mr. Nolte and others up  high up in the Republican party that social issues will affect voters across all demographics and the country is changing.  It may be that she got to have a louder voice than someone else because of the family she was born into, but guess what she was not the first person who has enjoyed that kind of luck. Love her or hate her (honestly I don’t care), but what you are failing to notice is that she is young and part of that demographic… a demographic that also voted heavily for Obama.

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